NSDUH RDAS Codebooks

The RDAS codebooks describe the content, structure, and layout of the data in the NSDUH studies. Specifically, the questions asked to respondents and the available values from which they can select. These codebooks can help you select the appropriate variables when running cross-tabulations (crosstabs) in RDAS.

Note, due to the restrictive nature of this data, frequencies are not available for public use and are not included in the codebooks.

2002-2003: file0203cbk.docx
2004-2005: file0405cbk.docx
2006-2007: file0607cbk.docx
2008-2009: file0809cbk.docx
2010-2011: file1011cbk.docx
2012-2013: file1213cbk.docx
2014-2015: file1415cbk.docx
2015-2016: file1516cbk_021218.docx
2002-2005: file02_05cbk.docx
2006-2009: file06_09cbk.docx
2010-2013: file10_13cbk.docx
2002-2009: file02_09cbk.docx
2006-2013: file06_13cbk.docx
2002-2011: file02_11cbk.docx
2002-2013: file02_13cbk.docx
2002-2015: file02_15cbk.docx
2002-2016: file02_16cbk.docx