February 28, 2017 (Release 3.0)

The Public-use Data Analysis (PDAS) tool was updated in this release with enhancements to the usability and functionality.

Some of the PDAS enhancements include:

  • New NSDUH Small Area Estimates data and visualization now available.
  • Crosstab Shell: When variables are selected on the "Crosstab" tab, a shell of the crosstab displays before running it.
  • New "Recent Analyses" tab that displays the most recent crosstab analyses the user has run. NOTE: Information will be retained based on a user's cookies; it is not cached on our servers.
  • Can now save tables as a png file.
  • Can now expand/collapse a whole category in the Variables pane.
  • Can now replace variables instead of removing and re-adding.
  • Can now swap row and column variables instead of removing and re-adding.
  • Improved performance and load times.
  • Improved look and feel for enhanced usability.
Published Date: 
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 07