What is the process if I had prior access to the Data Portal?

Prior users of the Data Portal will be contacted in batches, as described below:

  • The first batch will be those who already had access to the Data Portal.
    • SAMHDA will automatically include the previous project information in the Data Portal, which must be reviewed and updated by the Principal Project Officer (PPO).
    • Login information for the application process will be sent to the PPO.
    • The institute must sign/execute a new data use agreement with SAMHSA.
    • Team members must retake the training and sign the Data Use Agreement and CIPSEA designations.
  • The second batch will be those who had approval, but did not have prior access.
  • Once these two groups are successfully onboarded, a determination on when a call for new applications will be planned and an email will be sent to those subscribed to SAMHDA news.

We encourage you to subscribe to the SAMHDA Newsletter so that you get all the notifications and announcements about when the Data Portal will be ready and when the call for new applications is open.